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About certified private guide and driver in Lviv and Western Ukraine

My name is Oleksandr Ruchko I am a sightseeing guide in Lviv and around Western Ukraine with more than 20 years of experience

My Certificate of sightseeing guide and guide-assistant in Lviv is Nr130013 is issued by the Government of Lviv Oblast.

I like to communicate with people. Before we start, we could have a talk about main field of interest in Lviv: art, history, genealogy or just in general about Ukraine, Galicia or the town itself. And when the goal is understandable Il do my best to provide the best sightseeing.

I have graduated from the guide courses at Suputnyk Tour Operator, one of the best courses in the town.
It was great to know such a lot about my native town. But it was just a start as Volodymyr Zadorovsky, my teacher, told.
It was just a beginning of very long road to be better from day to day. I am still on the road and my library about Lviv and Ukraine becomes bigger and bigger.
The phenomenon of Lviv is still a matter for researches and it was a reason that I have graduated from another guide courses just to have an opportunity to listen and to ask questions to people who have published books about Lviv.
It was not enough and I participate in annual sightseeing guide seminars provided by LART (Lviv Association of Tourism Development) each year.

My personal interests: history, art, architecture, crafts, photography, birdwatching, alpine skiing, yoga, fishing, and nature